Olivia Korenberg
Olivia Korenberg

Olivia Korenberg, born in California in 1989, has carved out a notable career in the world of interior design and event planning. Her story is one of dedication, talent, and personal growth, making her a respected figure in her field.

Early Life and Education

Olivia’s journey began in California, where she developed a passion for design at a young age. Her educational background is impressive and diverse. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Southern California (USC), which not only highlights her love for language and culture but also indicates her broad perspective on aesthetics and design. Later, she furthered her education with a Master’s degree in Interior Design from UCLA, equipping her with the technical skills and creative expertise needed for a successful career in design.

Professional Achievements

Olivia Korenberg’s professional life took a significant turn when she co-founded Twofold LA, a renowned design firm. The firm quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to interior design and event planning. Twofold LA specializes in creating bespoke designs for weddings and various other events, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence.

Through Twofold LA, Olivia has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. Her ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal has made her designs stand out. Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a large corporate event, Olivia’s touch ensures that every detail is perfect. Her work is characterized by a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and a commitment to bringing their visions to life.

Personal Life and Public Attention

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Olivia’s personal life has also been in the spotlight. She was married to actor Seann William Scott, best known for his role in the “American Pie” series. Their relationship attracted media attention, but despite their high-profile marriage, Olivia managed to keep much of her personal life private. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce, a chapter that undoubtedly brought its own set of challenges.

Despite the ups and downs in her personal life, Olivia has remained focused on her career. Her resilience and dedication have only added to her reputation as a talented and determined professional.

Legacy in Design

Olivia Korenberg’s influence in the design industry is significant. Her ability to create unique, personalized spaces has earned her a loyal client base and widespread acclaim. She approaches each project with a fresh perspective, always aiming to exceed her clients’ expectations. Her work at Twofold LA showcases her ability to merge practicality with elegance, creating environments that are both beautiful and functional.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers. Olivia’s success is a testament to the importance of education, passion, and hard work. She has shown that with dedication and a clear vision, it is possible to turn one’s passion into a thriving career.


Olivia Korenberg’s story is one of talent, perseverance, and creativity. From her educational achievements to her professional success with Twofold LA, she has made a significant impact in the field of interior design and event planning. Despite personal challenges, she has continued to pursue her passion and build a legacy that will inspire others for years to come.

Olivia’s journey reminds us that success is not just about professional achievements but also about how we handle life’s ups and downs. Her ability to stay true to her craft while navigating personal challenges makes her a role model for many. As she continues to create stunning designs and memorable events, Olivia Korenberg’s name will undoubtedly remain synonymous with excellence and innovation in design.

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