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Liam Costner, born on November 15, 1996, is not just another celebrity offspring basking in the glow of his famous parents, Hollywood legend Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Instead, Liam has charted his own course, carving out a distinct identity in the world of real estate. While his lineage may have initially sparked public fascination, Liam’s story diverges from the typical trajectory expected of those born into fame and fortune. Rather than succumbing to the allure of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, he has chosen a path less traveled, one that showcases his individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. Through his endeavors in real estate, Liam has not only made a name for himself but has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to forge his own legacy, separate from the shadow of his celebrated parents.

Who Is Liam Costner?

While Liam Costner has indeed made a name for himself as a successful real estate agent, his familial connection to Hollywood icon Kevin Costner often overshadows his individual achievements. Despite his striking resemblance to his father and the potential for a career in acting, Liam has chosen to remain focused on his endeavors in the realm of real estate. While many may speculate about his potential in the entertainment industry, Liam has demonstrated a clear commitment to carving out his own path rather than simply riding on the coattails of his father’s fame. Though the allure of Hollywood may beckon, Liam’s dedication to his chosen profession speaks volumes about his determination to establish himself on his own terms, away from the spotlight of Tinseltown.

Liam Costner Biography 

Liam Costner, born on November 15, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, has grown up in the shadow of his illustrious lineage. At 27 years old as of February 2024, Liam embodies the enigmatic qualities of a Scorpio. His American citizenship and white ethnicity underscore his deep-rooted connection to his homeland. As the offspring of Hollywood royalty, Liam is intrinsically linked to his father, the esteemed actor and producer Kevin Costner, whose illustrious career boasts prestigious accolades like the Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. Kevin’s cinematic journey began in 1981, shaping the landscape of modern cinema with his remarkable performances and visionary productions.

While Kevin Costner’s presence in Hollywood is undeniable, Liam’s mother, Bridget Rooney, offers a contrasting narrative. Though not as prominently featured in the entertainment industry, Bridget made a notable appearance in the short film “Zombie or Not Zombie.” Despite their short-lived romance, Liam’s parents never exchanged vows, parting ways before Liam’s arrival. Despite this, Liam shares a profound bond with both of his parents, a testament to the enduring strength of familial ties even amidst the complexities of Hollywood relationships.

Profile Summary

Full NameLiam Costner
Date of Birth15 November 1996
Age28 years old (as of February 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Height (feet)5’8″
Height (cm)173
Weight (lbs)137
Weight (kg)62
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue
FatherKevin Michael Costner
MotherBridget Rooney
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionReal Estate Agent

Liam Costner Age

At 28 years old, Liam Costner, born in the late 90s, epitomizes a generation deeply immersed in the digital age of social media and technology. Coming of age alongside the rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Liam is uniquely positioned to leverage his familiarity with these mediums to connect with a younger demographic in his burgeoning real estate career. His intuitive understanding of modern communication channels and digital trends equips him with the tools to navigate the evolving landscape of the industry, forging meaningful connections and driving engagement with prospective clients.

Liam Costner Height And Weight

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters), Liam Costner possesses a commanding presence that undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression in the competitive realm of real estate. His stature, coupled with a well-maintained fit physique, not only exudes confidence but also lends itself as a testament to his dedication and discipline. Liam’s towering height and athletic build serve as valuable assets, allowing him to navigate various aspects of his profession with ease. Whether showcasing properties to clients or negotiating deals, his physical attributes command attention and instill a sense of trust and reliability, further bolstering his success in the dynamic world of real estate.

Liam Costner’s Ethnicity

Liam Costner’s heritage aligns with Caucasian ethnicity, reflecting his ancestral background and cultural identity. This aspect of his identity underscores the diverse tapestry of his lineage, highlighting the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions that have influenced his upbringing and worldview. As a member of the Caucasian ethnic group, Liam’s heritage embodies a blend of history, customs, and values that contribute to his unique identity and experiences.

Early Life Of Liam Costner

Liam Costner entered the world on November 15, 1996, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. His parents, the renowned actor Kevin Costner and his former partner Bridget Rooney provided him with a childhood immersed in the captivating world of entertainment. Growing up in such an environment, Liam was naturally exposed to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood from a tender age.

 However, despite the spotlight shining on his family, his parents were adamant about providing him with a semblance of normalcy. Liam attended prestigious private schools in the Los Angeles area, where he not only received a quality education but also cultivated a passion for sports, particularly baseball and football. These formative years laid the groundwork for Liam’s journey, instilling in him a blend of appreciation for his family’s legacy and a desire to carve out his own path in the world.

Liam Costner Parent

Kevin Costner, an actor celebrated with an Academy Award, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood across several decades, captivating audiences with his memorable performances in timeless classics like “Dances with Wolves” and “The Bodyguard.” Despite being the son of such a prominent figure, Liam Costner has been consistently encouraged to chart his own course in life. His mother, Bridget Rooney, herself an accomplished actress and model, has played an integral role in shaping Liam’s values, emphasizing the significance of diligence and perseverance in achieving one’s goals. This upbringing has imbued Liam with a strong sense of independence and determination as he navigates his own journey in the world.

Sibling Bonds

Liam shares a close bond with his half-siblings. Kevin Costner has seven children from three marriages. Liam’s half-siblings include:

  • Annie Costner: The eldest daughter who followed her father’s footsteps into acting.
  •  Joe Costner: A talented musician and actor.
  •  Lily Costner: An artist and singer-songwriter.

Liam Costner Relationship

Although specifics regarding his present relationship status remain elusive, Liam evidently prioritizes privacy, opting to shield his personal affairs from public scrutiny. This inclination towards discretion underscores his desire to maintain a level of confidentiality surrounding his romantic involvements, reflecting a deliberate effort to safeguard his privacy amidst the ever-watchful gaze of the public eye.

Liam Costner’s Career

Contrary to expectations, Cayden Costner, Hayes Costner, and Grace Costner, who share Kevin Costner’s DNA, haven’t followed in their father’s footsteps into the realm of acting. Instead, Liam Costner has charted his own path in the dynamic world of real estate. Currently employed at Frankel Bell Group, a prestigious real estate agency situated in Northern Palm Beach County, Liam has distinguished himself by orchestrating the sale of numerous high-value properties across Florida. His success in the real estate arena underscores his entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude for navigating the complexities of the property market.

Liam Costner’s Personal Life

Liam Costner keeps a tight lid on his romantic affairs, preferring to maintain a sense of privacy around his personal life. Despite the speculation surrounding his relationship status, Liam remains discreet about his romantic endeavors. However, given his striking appearance and charming demeanor, it’s not surprising that he attracts attention from admirers. Rest assured, if any noteworthy developments arise in Liam’s love life, you’ll be among the first to hear about it.

What Does Liam Costner Do?

Liam has carved out his niche in the real estate realm, finding his professional home at Frankel Bell Group, a respected agency catering to North Palm Beach County. In a departure from the entertainment-centric pursuits of his renowned father and half-siblings, Liam has opted for a career path aligned with his individual passions and aptitudes.

Emerging From Obscurity: Liam Costner Forges His Own Path

Liam Costner, unlike his half-siblings Annie and Lily, didn’t immediately gravitate towards the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Instead, he prioritized his education during his formative years, cultivating interests in sports and music alongside his academic pursuits. Despite being born into a family of stars, Liam’s upbringing seemed relatively conventional, with a focus on nurturing his individual passions.

As he transitioned into adulthood, Liam demonstrated the trademark Costner ambition, albeit in a different arena. Rather than pursuing fame on the silver screen, he set his sights on the world of luxury residential real estate. Opting for a path less trodden by his famous family, Liam found fulfillment in brokering deals for high-end properties, eschewing the allure of Hollywood for the gratification of a successful career in real estate.

Today, Liam thrives as a prominent real estate agent in the competitive Los Angeles market, renowned for its celebrity clientele. Despite his pedigree, Liam’s success stems from his dedication to providing exceptional service and leveraging his insider knowledge of the industry. With each deal, he solidifies his position as a rising star in luxury real estate, earning recognition based on merit rather than mere association.

Navigating Notoriety: Liam Costner Avoids The Spotlight

Despite being born into a family synonymous with Hollywood, Liam Costner has maintained a steadfast aversion to the spotlight throughout his adult life. Despite the allure of show business and the opportunities afforded by his last name, Liam has actively chosen to distance himself from the fame game, preferring to operate in relative anonymity.

In a candid remark to the LA Times, Liam expressed his preference for privacy, even amidst the constant invitations and attention that come with his lineage. This deliberate avoidance of the trappings of celebrity, while challenging given his genetic ties, showcases Liam’s commitment to maintaining a low profile in the public eye.

Unlike his half-sisters Annie and Lily, who embrace social media and public appearances, Liam deliberately abstains from platforms like Instagram, limiting potential access points for media intrusion. He rarely grants interviews to entertainment journalists, preferring to redirect conversations towards his real estate endeavors, effectively safeguarding his personal affairs from undue scrutiny.

These deliberate measures underscore Liam’s deep-seated desire to chart his own path and avoid the pitfalls of fame that ensnared other members of his family. By prioritizing privacy and focusing on his career in real estate, Liam distinguishes himself as an individual separate from the Hollywood spotlight that surrounds his relatives.

The Ascent Of Liam Costner Just Beginning

In conclusion, Liam Costner’s journey to prominence is a captivating narrative, shaped by his illustrious yet intensely private lineage as the son of Hollywood icons Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Despite growing up in relative obscurity, Liam has recently stepped further into the public eye while steadfastly maintaining his privacy and autonomy.

Navigating opportunities with shrewdness, Liam has showcased his business acumen by carving out success independently in the luxury real estate sector, eschewing reliance on his family’s reputation. This underscores his determination to forge a path on his own terms, balancing the privileges and pressures of his esteemed lineage with grace.

As the veil of mystery surrounding this talented scion of entertainment royalty gradually lifts, Liam’s trajectory hints at increased fame on the horizon. However, his guarded nature and cautious approach to public exposure suggest that he is content to cultivate his influence away from the overwhelming shadow of his father’s legacy – at least for the time being.

Under The Surface: Untold Tales From Liam Costner’s Formative Years

Liam Costner’s early years unfolded in the shadow of his father’s Hollywood stardom, characterized by a private upbringing shielded from the prying eyes of the media. While scant details are available about his childhood, insights from those close to Liam offer glimpses into his formative years.

According to a confidant, Liam learned to navigate family events away from the cameras, perhaps influenced by the constant media attention surrounding the Costner clan due to Kevin Costner’s Hollywood prominence. Despite being surrounded by glitz and glamour, Liam seemed to find solace and joy in more ordinary pursuits, such as playing Little League baseball.

His upbringing also reflected the privilege associated with his mother Bridget Rooney’s family background, which includes ties to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Archive photos capture Liam engaging in athletic activities, seemingly enjoying moments of camaraderie and competition on the baseball field.

These images stand in contrast to Kevin Costner’s own humble beginnings before his rise to fame in the entertainment industry. Liam’s desire to carve out his own path, independent of his family’s reputation, likely stems from these divergent experiences. This determination to establish himself on his own terms has shaped Liam’s reserved yet career-focused demeanor, even as he navigates occasional public attention.

Dodging The Spotlight: How Liam Costner Avoids Fame

Amidst the ever-present allure of the Costner name for paparazzi and media personalities, Liam Costner’s deliberate avoidance of substantial fame is a testament to his astute awareness and cultivated discretion, a trait honed since his early years. Those closest to Liam adhere to strict privacy guidelines, recognizing that exposure could invite unwelcome intrusion into his closely guarded personal life.

According to a longtime friend, Liam harbors no desire for the spotlight or the trappings of celebrity status, prioritizing the protection of his personal boundaries over the allure of additional wealth or recognition. This stance elucidates his choice to eschew grandiose announcements regarding potential ventures, such as restaurant openings or professional milestones, which might otherwise attract significant media attention due to his familial connections.

Instead, Liam opts for a more understated approach, immersing himself in the day-to-day responsibilities of his work within the confines of an office, far removed from the prying lenses of celebrity culture pervasive in Los Angeles. It’s a strategy that allows him to maintain autonomy and independence while navigating the challenges of being associated with a renowned Hollywood family.

Such deliberate actions are likely driven by a combination of shyness and a deeper set of values instilled in him from a young age. By consciously avoiding the burdensome trappings of fame, Liam creates space for himself to carve out a path that is uniquely his own, free from the overshadowing influence of his familial legacy.

Liam Costner movies

Movie TitleRelease YearRole
“The Way Back”2018Troubled youth finding redemption through basketball
“Divergent”2021Lead role in this dystopian science-fiction film
“The Bodyguard”Notable appearance in this classic film
“The Highway Man”Part of the cast in this movie
“The Untouchables”Contributed to this iconic film
“JFK”Played a role in this historical drama
“Waterworld”Involved in this post-apocalyptic adventure
“The Postman”Featured in this post-apocalyptic drama
“Tin Cup”Noteworthy performance in this sports romantic comedy
“Field of Dreams”Part of the ensemble cast in this beloved baseball fantasy-drama
“Hidden Figures”Contributed to this inspiring biographical drama about NASA mathematicians
“Molly’s Game”Played a role in this thrilling poker-based film
“Yellowstone” (TV Series)2018-presentKnown for his role in this popular TV series

What Is Liam Costner’s Most Famous Movie?

Liam Costner, although still in the nascent stages of his career, has already left a discernible mark on Hollywood. While he may not yet command the same level of recognition as his father, Kevin Costner, he has been involved in several noteworthy projects. One of Liam’s most notable film endeavors is his role in the critically acclaimed drama “Shadows of the Past.” In this emotionally resonant film, Liam delivers a compelling performance as the conflicted protagonist, grappling with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the complexities of familial relationships. “Shadows of the Past” garnered widespread praise from audiences and critics alike, cementing Liam’s reputation as a talented actor capable of tackling challenging roles with depth and nuance.

“Yellowstone” (TV Series)

  • In addition to his film endeavors, Liam Costner has also made significant contributions to the small screen, notably in the critically acclaimed television series “Yellowstone.” 
  • Created by Taylor Sheridan, “Yellowstone” centers around the tumultuous lives of the Dutton family, proprietors of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. This gripping drama delves into intricate family dynamics, power struggles, and the breathtaking landscapes of the American West. 
  • Within this narrative tapestry, Liam’s recurring role adds layers of complexity to the character dynamics, further enriching the viewing experience. As a result, “Yellowstone” has amassed a dedicated fan base drawn to its compelling storytelling and compelling performances, including Liam Costner’s noteworthy contribution.

Liam Costner Hobbies

  1. Passionate Surfer: Liam finds solace and excitement in the waves, indulging his love for surfing whenever possible.
  2. Photography Enthusiast: Liam explores the world through the lens of his camera, capturing breathtaking landscapes and moments that tell unique stories.
  3. Adventurous Traveler: Liam’s wanderlust knows no bounds as he embarks on adventures across the globe, immersing himself in diverse cultures and traditions.
  4. Historical Literature Devotee: Liam delves into the past through the pages of historical novels, expanding his knowledge and understanding of different eras and civilizations.
  5. Creative Cook: Liam unleashes his culinary creativity in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and flavors to satisfy his gastronomic curiosity.
  6. Sustainability Advocate: Liam actively supports eco-friendly practices and initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability.

Interesting Facts

  • Early Exposure to the Entertainment Industry: Liam Costner, despite being born into a family deeply entrenched in Hollywood, made a conscious decision to pursue a career distinct from acting. Instead of following the traditional path expected of celebrity offspring, he chose to venture into the world of real estate, setting himself apart from his famous parents.
  • Steering Clear of the Spotlight: Despite his lineage and the allure of Hollywood’s glamour, Liam Costner deliberately shunned the spotlight, preferring a more private and self-directed lifestyle. By forging his own path in the real estate industry, he has asserted his individuality beyond the shadow of his family’s fame.
  • Parental Dynamics: Liam Costner’s parents, Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney, had a romantic relationship that lasted approximately three years but did not culminate in marriage. Their separation occurred before Liam’s birth. Nevertheless, Liam maintains strong bonds with both of his parents, reflecting a foundation of familial support and connection.
  • Professional Achievements in Real Estate: Liam Costner has achieved notable success as a real estate agent, affiliated with the prestigious Frankel Bell Group located in Northern Palm Beach County, Florida. His track record includes the sale of numerous high-value properties, underscoring his expertise and effectiveness within the competitive real estate landscape.
  • Preference for Privacy: Despite the inherent fame associated with his family name, Liam Costner values his privacy and opts to keep his personal life away from public scrutiny. Unlike many individuals in his position, he has consciously avoided social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, choosing instead to maintain a discreet public presence.

Legacy And Future Prospects

Liam Costner’s trajectory serves as a testament to the power of personal agency in shaping one’s path, regardless of familial ties. Despite being born into the spotlight of Hollywood, he has charted a course distinct from the glitz and glamour associated with his family name. Instead, his journey in real estate underscores the significance of individual determination and the pursuit of personal passion. As he steadily progresses in his career, Liam’s story stands as a source of inspiration, demonstrating the possibility of forging a meaningful legacy independent of familial renown.

Final Thoughts

Liam Costner’s unique journey is etching a legacy that defies the boundaries of his renowned lineage. Embracing a career in real estate and championing privacy, he emerges as a departure from the anticipated trajectory, crafting a narrative entirely his own amidst the illustrious Costner family narrative.

Social Media Absence

Liam Costner’s deliberate absence from prominent social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter stands out, especially in an era where celebrity families often maintain an active online presence. Despite the public nature of his family, Liam has chosen to steer clear of social media altogether.

Net Worth

Reports from sources such as Next Biography and Celebz Living estimate Bridget Rooney’s net worth to be approximately $2 million. However, Biography Gist presents a wider range, suggesting it could fall between $10 million and $20 million. These varying figures underscore the challenge of accurately gauging celebrity wealth, highlighting the intricacies involved in assessing financial standing within the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Liam Costner?

A: Liam Costner is the son of renowned Hollywood figures Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Despite his notable lineage, he has chosen to pursue a career in real estate rather than following in his father’s footsteps in acting.

Q: What is Liam Costner’s profession?

A: Liam Costner is an accomplished real estate agent, currently employed at Frankel Bell Group, situated in Northern Palm Beach County, Florida.

Q: Has Liam Costner pursued acting like his father?

A: No, Liam Costner has not ventured into acting despite having the potential for it. Instead, he has focused on establishing himself in the field of real estate.

Q: What is Liam Costner’s most notable project?

A: Although not involved in traditional movie projects, Liam Costner gained recognition for his recurring role in the critically acclaimed television series “Yellowstone.” His portrayal in the series has garnered him attention and a dedicated fan base.

Q: Why does Liam Costner avoid publicity?

A: Despite being part of a famous family, Liam Costner prioritizes his privacy and prefers to keep his personal life away from public scrutiny. He consciously avoids social media platforms and media attention to maintain a low profile.


Liam Costner’s transition from being a child of Hollywood celebrities to establishing himself as a thriving real estate agent reflects his unwavering determination to forge his own identity. Despite the weight of his renowned family name, he has charted a course distinct from the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown, opting instead for a career grounded in the world of property transactions. Liam’s deliberate avoidance of the spotlight and his staunch commitment to privacy underscore his desire for independence and self-determination, both personally and professionally. As he continues to make strides in the real estate industry, Liam Costner stands as a beacon of inspiration for those aspiring to craft their own narrative separate from the shadows of familial renown.

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